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I am often asked if our Worship services at Jacob’s Well Ministries are open to the public and I am happy to say YES THEY ARE. We originally created the services for only the women who are in residence at our recovery center and there families who come to worship and visit with them each Sunday. But some time ago God spoke into my Spirit that He wanted the services open to people in the surrounding area who might be hungry for what we teach.

And what do we teach?

We teach the word of God straight forwardly {without political correctness} We teach the Word under the assumption that the kind of people who come worship with us are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are looking for a dose of the truth about how to live for Christ and NOT the world.

We teach the Word in a simple down to earth way that allows you to actually be able to understand and apply sound Biblical principles of living to your own life in such a way it makes a measurable difference how you think, act, talk and walk. My personal belief is that if you do not leave our Worship Center convicted, concerned, or changed in some way – there was something wrong with the Message. {We don’t do “warm and fuzzy’}  We have no “regular order of Worship.” Rather our Praise and Worship, personal time at the Altar and Teachings are always orchestrated by the leading of the Holy Spirit of God.

Our Praise and Worship music is Contemporary Christian and people who worship with us are free to worship during that time however you feel comfortable. If you want to stand - stand. If you want to sit - sit. If you want to lift your hands in praise – put ‘em up!  During the teachings Amen’s – hand claps of Praise – and an occasion a “that’s good preachin’ Brother Charlie are also welcome.

We are not a “white church”, a “black church”, a “red church” or a “yellow church”.  We are a “we are all in this together” church.

We have a Children’s Church available for children four and under.

We do not have a dress code except that we ask that you come to worship with us dressed decently and respectfully. You can do the suit and tie or Sunday dress if that’s your style but jeans and a nice shirt or blouse will be just fine.

Come give our Worship Center at Jacob’s Well a try. We promise you that we will love you and encourage you and lift you up in so many ways you will have to like one of ‘em!

We are located at 45 Buford Lane - Poplarville, MS


Pastor Charlie Haynes/ Senior Pastor

So walk in, make yourself at home, enjoy the music and get ready to have a wonderful time in worship with us.

J.W.M/Jacob’s Well Recovery Center for Women:
45 Buford Lane, Poplarville, MS 39740

Contact Us:
Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm
888-She’s Free
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