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Asa Haynes is an aspiring author, a counselor, and a teacher. He is also the V.P. of Jacob’s Well Ministry, Jacob’s Well Recovery Center for Women and Damascus Road Recovery Center for Men. Both are an addiction recovery ministry devoted to helping people get freed from the destructive effects and behaviors of addiction. Also, He teaches Men and Women to discover the heart of God, recover their own hearts in God's love, and learn to live in God's Kingdom. 


Asa grew up a “Retail Brat”, where moving every 2 years was a part of life, but finally settling down in Meridian, MS before graduating High School. After graduating high school he immediately joined the Air Force in a last ditch effort to escape the reality of neglect and abuse happening at home. After a series of bad decisions, he found himself being discharged after a Court Marshal. It was the mile marker that brought him to his knees and made him rethink his life and who he was in the grand scheme of things. At that time, he was befriended by a Pastor, Mike Everett, in Meridian, MS who graciously showed him the love of a father and the love of THE FATHER in Christ through Mike’s own actions and mentorship, which led Asa to his own salvation in the Fall of 1995. He wholeheartedly gave his life totally and unconditionally to God and was then quickly pulled in and discipled by a now life long friend, Jimmy Culpepper, who helped Asa see that God had a larger calling on his life than he could possibly imagine. It was then Asa surrendered himself to the call of ministry. Through a series of “God events”, Asa was soon then able to reenter the military in order to finish the commitment that he once started. The same military he once was court-martialed and discharged from, he had now found himself as it’s chaplain. Asa was now ministering to men and women on the battle field, right on the front lines of war. Upon ending his 12 year military journey, Asa’s court discharge was turned into an honorable discharge by the grace of God and he then entered the corporate world. For 15 years, he worked his way up to executive leadership for two big box companies experiencing the big wins and losses that came with “the climb”. At the “Top of his game” and the envy of his peers, Asa was unfortunately “living the dream” at the expense of almost loosing his family. Taking full responsibility for where he had found himself once again, Asa committed to radically change is position by letting go of what “he had accomplished” and pursued his family immediately…What needed to be accomplished. Set like flint to win his family back, he left behind their grand home, the fat paycheck, and pursued God’s direction for his family as they moved into there rightful calling and destiny. In 2012, he was called to join his parents, Charlie and Pam Haynes in not only what has become a continued rebuilding of their own family, but setting a solid example for other families at Jacob's Well Recovery Center for Women.


Asa met his beautiful wife Mandy in 1996. He quickly knew she was “the one” and asked to marry him in 1997. “We have been married 17+ years and have 4 beautiful children. I believe that God was fashioning me though every experience, both negative and positive, throughout my life and “setting me up for the set-up”. Through rebuilding my relationships with my father, mother and sisters, my military experience, understanding how the corporate world operates and pulls on any individual, having an entrepreneur spirit and my commitment to my wife and children. It is as though God has been training me himself to become a successful minister that is called to reconciliation and redemption, and show Men, Women and Families what further commitment to a larger calling is...their own family.”


Asa was ordained in 1996 under the Pastoral Leadership of Jack Giles (Great mentor and friend, Author of many books, as well as, over 45 years of Pastorate) and has earned his degree in Counseling from Christian School Of Theology, Beacon Bible Collage, under Dr. Ron Cottle. Along with many decorations from the military and the Corporate setting, Asa has worked as a counselor in the church setting, the battle field, the corporate board room and with Jacob’s Well Recovery Center for Women and Damascus Road Recovery Center for Men before launching|Life Coach. Asa and Mandy live in Poplarville, MS. They have one son (Caleb), three daughters (Rebekah, Anna and Rachel) a golden retriever (Bubba), and a cat (Jasmine).


While all of this is factually true, it somehow misses describing an actual person. Asa loves the outdoors and riding his motorcycle, contemporary music, buying and selling products..aka business, a good cigar, anything having to do with adventure, Football, Baseball (Braves), Real Estate, #4 at McDonalds, White Chocolate Mocha, and too much more to name. 

He also uses the expression “that’s awesome” way too much.