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Your Faith story:  I had been raised in a home where there was crisis so I made up my mind to marry Prince Charming and have the perfect family with the white picket fence. It wasn't long after our children were born that everything took a turn for the worse. I felt so alone as the children grew because everyone was going in opposite directions and the family as a whole in my view was gone due to the evident crisis going on around me. I got quiet and I got into my Bible and God said to me through Psalm 46:10 to - “Be still and know that I am God.” That was the hardest thing for me because I had felt so alone and everything I thought was a part of my life was scattered. Over a period of time, with God's help, He slowly restored each member of my family where we can now communicate with love. We are all still healing because each of our heart's desire was to be part of a whole family. Today is the result of waiting on God to show the path before us and listening to Him was the right answer. I never thought that being born into the world into dysfunction and marrying into dysfunction would prepare me for ministering to dysfunction. I am so grateful for God's hand on my life, long before I even knew Him.


Fun things I do:  I love to cook. I learned at a young age how to feed multitudes and I am using that skill today to prepare meals for the women at the Recovery Center every day. My favorite moments of the day are my quiet times of prayer on the front porch of our cabin before the sun rises.

Married to: Charlie Haynes

Children: I have 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren

Joined JW Staff:  June 1st, 2005

Favorite Books (other than the Bible):  Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Joel Rosenberg. These books actually help me with Biblical knowledge because they dig deep into the history of the lands in the Bible.

Favorite TV Shows/movies:  Pioneer Woman, Barefoot Contessa, American Pickers, Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeves, and anything family oriented

 I will keep moving forward, even in blind faith, to where Christ is leading me!