My Life the Hard Way - {Instead of God's Way}

My Life the Hard Way - {Instead of God's Way} | by: Pastor Charlie Haynes | Jacob's Well Publishing

We are excited to announce that Pastor Charlie Haynes has written a masterpiece through God for the multitudes.  The book is for sale at and also available on Kindle.  Get yours today!

Where have the things of life brought you?

To bitterness, and anger, and hurt, and betrayal, and heartbreak, and unforgiveness because of the things that were thrust upon you in life by others – things that came uninvited and unwanted from others that should have loved and honored and protected you?

 Or are you filled with heartbreak, and regret, and disappointment, and sorrow and longing for what might have been if you had made better choices in how you lived your life, or kept your promises or demonstrated your love to others?

 Have you ever laid on your bed at night, stared up at the ceiling and said if there was just some way I could do it all over I would do it all different next time.

I want to invite you to rejoice with me today that {believe it or not} it is absolutely possible.

Press in, listen and believe with all your heart, mind, soul and Spirit as you read this book:

 My Life the Hard Way

{Instead of God’s way}



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