Testimonies of Graduates


Below are some amazing stories of new life and redemption through the saving blook of Jesus Christ.  These are women who were broken, bruised, and ashamed when they walked across the threshold of Jacob's Well Ministries.  These are stories of courage, hope, and restoration.  

Samantha M.

I was in active addiction to street drugs for over 5 years. My life was a total disaster. If you must say, I would have been labeled as a needle using junkie. I had run away from my marriage and to say I was a good mom would be a gross misrepresentation of the truth. I was arrested on four felony charges and landed myself behind bars in Hinds County. My mom had heard about Jacob's Well through a church in my hometown. On May 3, 2013, I began a journey that would be both excruciating and exhilarating. I graduated the program November 3, 2013, after 6 months of having to face myself in a mirror every single day and look at me as the problem instead of my circumstances as the problem. Immediately upon graduation, I went back to the same church that had sponsored my stay and began to work for them in Administrations. I became a Certified Ministry Assistant in August, 2014. I stood before a judge and plead guilty to all 4 charges, yet I walked away free with no drug court sentence and no jail time to face. That in itself is a miracle. All four charges were dropped and I have no record to speak of. I have since bought my own home, my own car, and my kids are back in my life and live under my roof. I play the piano on the Praise Team at church and am allowed the awesome opportunity to give testimony at churches and conferences all over the state of Mississippi . I never knew my life could be so amazing and abundant. I have a good standing relationship with every member of my family, including my ex-husband. Life is good and to God be the glory!

Carly M.

My mom, Samantha M., was a shell of a person after becoming addicted to drugs. She didn't really exist in my eyes and was more of a friend who lived in my house and not a parent. I would find needles lying around the house and I knew in my mind what they were for, but I never said a word out of total fear of rejection. After her arrest and eventual move to Jacob's Well, I became incredibly bitter. I was more angry at myself for not speaking against what I knew to be wrong more so than I was at her for what she had done to our family. I harbored a lot of guilt and shame. I did not speak to my mom for the first 3 months of her stay at the recovery center. I was forced into visiting her and I was moved to tears at the transformation I saw right before my very eyes. After that, you couldn't keep me away because my curiosity was on high alert. Would this really work? I was still so full of anger that I began to seek my own worldly escape and I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol and began cutting myself in order to numb the unmistakable pain. I began counseling with the staff of Jacob's Well and quickly was shown the error of my judgment and behaviors and made a quick turn around thanks to the support from them and my local church family. Since mom has come home, we have a restored mother/daughter relationship. My relationship with God has grown when before I didn't even believe that He existed. I am in the process of beginning my own ministry at church for children and pre-teens who are either the bi-product of addictive parents, have their own struggles with addiction, eating disorders, bullying, self-harm and the like.

Courtney F.

My mom had me arrested for contempt in Marion County. She stated to me as I was behind bars that she refused to bury me so she did the only thing she knew to do. During my arrest, I was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. I was in court in Pearl River County and was told about Jacob's Well at that time. I was a resident of that anointed program beginning October 16, 2011 and I graduated May 21, 2012. I have since remarried and have 3 young children at home. I plan on going to school for medical coding and billing but currently, I am a stay at home mom which I never thought I would be. I am very involved in my local church and Jacob's Well is my forever family. I haven't felt this free since I was a young girl! To God be the Glory!

Morgan J.

Being addicted to drugs for 13 years was not my plan growing up. I was addicted to “more” of everything. My brother passed away at the age of 20 and I was awoken to reality of my own messed up situation. When he died, I was made keenly aware of how short life is and I knew in my heart that something had to change. I had only been married for two years and my husband had gone to detox away from home and heard about Jacob's Well. I stepped across the threshold on July 2, 2010 and graduated on December 26 of the same year. That six months felt like forever but it was so worth it. After graduation, I went into transition for 5 months before stepping back into my marriage. I was home for 3 months before my parental rights were terminated. I used it as an excuse to use for a short time then went back into the transition home for 8 more months. It was the best decision because the last four years of our life together has been the best. My daughter was taken from me due to my addiction but our relationship is slowly being restored and for that I am truly grateful. I delivered twin boys on December 26, 2012. I was afforded another chance to get it right and I have honored the Lord's gift to me by raising them in a godly home. There is no coincidence that they were born exactly two years after my graduation, to the date. My husband has gotten a job that affords for me to stay home and care for our family. We are in the process of buying our own home now and I can only hope that I am a living testimony to the power of God's mighty hand.

Cheryl W.

I had never known a life without drugs. My infant son who was only days old passed away in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and I then succumbed fully to the darkness of my addiction. I had lived in Picayune, MS since the age of 8 and had never once heard about Jacob's Well, until I was arrested and sentenced to drug court. I realized very quickly that drug court wasn't going to keep me clean and I was tired of the life I was living. My two living sons had been taken by their dad's to safe locations far away from me and my daughter was put in foster care by DHS. I reached out to my drug court administrator and asked for help in getting my life back on track. I showed up at Jacob's Well, lost to the world and completely broken, on May 29, 2013 and graduated after 7 months on December 29, 2013. I moved into Grace House transition home and stayed with that anointed family. They nurtured my desires and encouraged me as well as pushed me in directions I never thought I would go. I now have my own home and car and I have been working as a nurse aid for a year (What?!? Me in a medical facility?). I currently spend as much time with my boys as possible and have unsupervised visits with my daughter. I go back to court shortly and have met every guideline necessary to receive her back into my home. I have fully surrendered myself to God and His will for my life and am looking forward to an even more abundant life ahead.

Summer R.

I was broken, hopeless, and not worthy of happiness when I found myself in a lonely jail cell for possession of methamphetamine. I had no clue that anything outside of that present situation was even an option for a used up addict like myself. It just so happened that a former graduate of Jacob's Well knew my mom and a door opened wide for a new path and a new chance at life. I was in Jacob's Well from May 31st, 2011 to November 27, 2011. I am currently a supervisor at a hospital, my record has been completely expunged and I delivered a beautiful baby boy on Valentine's Day, 2013. My family has been completely restored and today I know I am worth more than gold in the eyes of my Savior and King.

Jennifer N.

I stayed in active addiction for most of my life. I lost a son to a tragic accident when he was just a young boy. That fueled my desire to stay numb to the world, so I did. I was arrested in Forrest County in the fall of 2012 and was sentenced to drug court. My children had long since given up on me and I was a product of the street. Drug Court gave me the information about Jacob's Well and I stepped foot into the program that would forever change my life on November 12, 2012. I graduated on Mother's Day, 2013 and immediately, my former concept of being a mother became a sudden reality and I was overcome with gratitude. I continued fostering my relationship with my grown children while at the same time working as a house mother and counselor at Jacob's Well. I stayed with my new family at the recovery center, giving back what was so freely given to me, through November 2013. My grandchildren are proud to call me their grandmother and that alone is a miracle. I never thought I would ever maintain a steady job, but God saw fit that not only I get a job, but that I become the manager of a national food chain. I still have days where stress plays a huge part in the old behaviors attempting to rear their ugly heads, but I now have a level of accountability like never before!

Charlotte R.

The Good Lord keeps me in line. I came to Jacob's Well and stayed only one month. Believing I had all the answers, I left. I returned and stayed a full six months after I realized I had made a horrific mistake. No one could tear me off the mountain top I was on but I still refused to share what the Lord had done to the people I used to smoke dope with on the streets. Out of my pride came a huge dose of humility when God allowed me to get my fill of what I thought I needed. I was quickly yanked out of self-sufficiency and right off the pedestal I had put myself on. When I relapsed, I started back where I had left off and it wasn't long at all before I was knocking on death's door. I decided to come back to Jacob's Well in 2013 because I knew the staff would stick by me and they would not sugar coat a thing. I needed their guidance, love, and accountability. I was hard core and bad to the bone and I needed their tough love. I currently have a full time job, my relationship with my husband is fully restored as well as the one with my children and grandchildren. At one time, I would make a mistake and listen to the lie that I wasn't saved anymore by God's grace so I would immediately go back to the things of the world. Today, I fall short daily, but I know how to repent and ask forgiveness. I am beyond grateful to be alive and well. My life is not perfect by any means but it is nothing compared to walking the streets and selling myself for pennies. Jacob's Well taught me how to live and enjoy life. I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I did not have a father, but Pastor Charlie is my spiritual father and I have a family that will always have my back.

Ashlee E.

I violated probation and went on the run, for real. I wasn't ready for help, and I sure wasn't looking forward to spending the majority of my adult life in prison either. I went to a rehab under the direction of my probation officer and spent a few days sleeping off my high before bolting in my car and running from the law. When the officers came looking for me, I took myself back to the same rehab only to run away on foot days later. As I lay in the woods, hiding from the police in Pearl River County under a rotten log, I began to cry. What was really going on? Who was I, really? I ended up turning myself in and spent 4 weeks in jail in Millard, MS. One night, as I lay in bed, I prayed to a God I didn't know for one more chance. The very next day, Susan and Tammy showed up and asked to see me and I was granted an interview for admittance to a program I had never heard of. The next day I walked across the threshold of Jacob's Well determined and ready to prove that I could do something outside of myself. I became someone I didn't even recognize. I submitted to authority, I shifted to a humble personality, and I listened to the Lord and to the angels I believed He sent directly to me. After graduation, I moved to Ohio for 3 months to live with my grandmother and to separate myself from temptation. I was required to come back by probation because they refused to transfer my case. Upon my return I attended a church service at Jacob's Well. After church, a dear friend and graduate suggested I come on as a trusted staff member and I did, against my own will. I stayed 6 months and gave everything I had to helping others through their transformation. I now currently reside at Grace House Ministries and I live by faith and not by sight. My probation officer recently showed up to my job site on a whim and I had the awesome opportunity to thank her for sending me to jail. Out of my despair sprung forth my destiny and I am living it out loud!

Rachel R.

Jacob's Well was my first shot and only shot at any sort of treatment. I had always struggled with finding true happiness and so I turned to drugs to forget that I was unhappy. My husband and I had split up many times and I kept going back to the street. I missed my family and I always desired to be a good mom, but I didn't know how. A friend of mine had gone to Jacob's Well and suggested I do the same. I wasn't happy about walking into the ministry on April 9, 2011, but I did it anyway. I did it afraid. The moment I knew everything was going to change for me, was the day after church when we rode down to Picayune to pull in the many blessings and donations that were stacked outside the store. I did not want to go, so I called my family to come pick me up in order to get out of the program all together. However, they refused and I made the hardest decision of my life which was to stay and face my unhappiness head on. I had been raised in church but I had no real relationship with God until the beautiful people of Jacob's Well taught me how and the most important relationship of my life was formed. I was divorced, my child had been ripped from my arms, and after 3 months in the program, my ex-husband came to see me. Our communication was restored and we got remarried at Jacob's Well. I am now a stay at home mom and will never again take my children for granted and my role as “mother” is my calling. Rough roads are traversed, but with much more ease and grace. I have amazing support that stems from the godly people I have surrounded myself with. My 8 year old twins and my 5 year old are my mission field and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Marlena W.

I am a preacher's daughter. I learned quickly that God blessed me with the gift of music and was raised singing and playing many instruments. It was firmly suggested by my teachers and mentors that I attend Loyola College in Louisiana and study music education so I could easily walk out the plan I had for me to go into music ministry. I rebelled quickly and by the second week of school had found myself sucked into the party scene. I lasted a full 3 semesters before I was asked by the Dean at school to take a leave of absence. It was obvious to everyone around me that I had a problem, yet I was still blind. I went to a treatment center not far from my home in Orleans Parish for 6 weeks but left unchanged. After an intervention with my family, I stood alone and barefoot in a graveyard trying to determine whether I was going to move in with a man in order to get what I needed or take the “For Sale” sign off and go back to the pain and embarrassment before my parents. I went home and was urgently thrown into the back seat of a car and driven to the state of Mississippi. My parents brought me straight to the house that would eventually become my home for six months in March 2014. My transformation was so painful that some days all I could do was travail and cry out to a God who I really didn't understand. I graduated Jacob's Well on September 28, 2014 and my sense of entitlement was buried forever. I am now a grateful resident at Grace House Ministries. I have a full time job and I teach music and singing on the side. I am blessed to be part of a traveling praise and worship team and I have learned to worship with all my heart. I have been shown glimpses of the promises God has for me and I am walking in blind faith toward my destiny!

Virginia F.

I suffered at the hands of the people who were meant to be my protectors as a child. As an adult, I married a man who was addicted to drugs and abused me on a nearly everyday basis. We were each others worst enemy, but the co-dependency yoke strangled us both to the point of near death. I had been arrested in Louisiana before Hurricane Katrina and in the aftermath I found myself days away from becoming a casualty of this war on drugs. I called my Probation Officer to take me to jail just so I could have a chance at survival. Katrina blew through our part of the country, but with it's departure came a depression that I couldn't shake. I stepped into Jacob's Well for the first time in the fall of 2005 and graduated in 2006. I left and immediately went home, back to my co-dependent marriage and back into relapse within a year. I walked completely away from him on August 18, 2007 and left everything behind in order to get back to the freedom that Jacob's Well offered through the healing balm of the blood of Jesus. I have no children but I have a family that has been restored. I stayed on at Jacob's Well on staff to help others through the fire that so easily consumed and stayed until 2009. I struggle and life is not all hunky-dory but I walk things out even when I feel the flames so close that I can smell the burn. I walk in blind faith some days. I am back in Louisiana and my probation came to an end early. My whole record has been expunged and I am now 15 hours away from graduating with a bachelor's degree in social work. I have been accepted to LSU for my graduate program and am newly engaged to a man who I had never met but whose shoes I found and put under my bed and prayed over on a daily basis. When the Lord brought him into my life, I made him try on the shoes and they fit! God is so good!

Karen B.

It's easy to get addicted to gambling in the great state of Louisiana. There is a casino on every corner. However, it can no longer be my excuse. I became so entrenched in what I was doing that I began to steal from the people who trusted me to work for them. I was days away from arrest and contemplated suicide. My son was grown, my marriage was over, and I saw no other way out. A friend knew one of the staff members at Jacob's Well and I was ushered into a place I had never heard of before. I had never had faith, so I based my faith on the girls who were walking out their salvation with fear and trembling. I graduated the program on May 5, 2014 and since have been overwhelmed with blessing upon blessing. I have a more confident understanding of who I am and that what I did doesn't define me. I am more humble than I have ever been my entire life. God has restored my relationship with my husband and son to a level I didn't know existed for us. I have recently finished school through the American Grant Writers Association and am looking forward to using that new found knowledge to help dying ministries get funds so that we can continue the Great Commission which we are all called to as children of the Living God. I opened my own house cleaning business and help my husband run his business as well from home. I am blessed beyond measure and forever grateful!

Megan G.

I am the adult child of an addictive parent. I knew early on, probably by the age of 10, without a shadow of a doubt that my mom was a full blown addict. I grew up not understanding why I couldn't allow anyone to really love me. My mom graduated Jacob's Well in June 2011 and I walked across the threshold myself by the end of that very month. We were the first mother/daughter unit to graduate from Jacob's Well and I pray we are not the last. I had just been arrested in Livingston Parish for a DUI. My husband was on his own planet dealing with his own drug use and my son had been taken by my in-laws. I was raised by a Catholic dad, a Baptist mom, and a Pentecostal grandmother. To say that I was confused is an understatement. I learned at Jacob's Well how to have a solid relationship with the Creator of all Love, Who is Love Himself. After graduation on Christmas Day, 2011, I went back home to my parents who did their best to protect me from myself when in all reality I was pushed back into rebellion and hopelessness. My son was back under my roof and I was working full time, but I still fell. I knew my only hope would to get back to the place that set me free. I graduated for the second time on September 28, 2013. Staying on as staff was the hardest decision I have ever made, but I am following the will of God and being completely obedient to His plan for my life by reaching others who suffer in graves dug by their own hands. I want to go home to my son as a whole mother, a solid mom with a sturdy foundation. I want to learn how to allow others into my heart and I need to be sure that I go home completely and utterly free from the things of my past that still come up and rear their ugly heads.

Julie K.

My dad committed suicide when I was 15 and I used that as an excuse to use drugs and alcohol for over 20 years. Once I began using, I always desired more. I lived a double life, Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde, on a daily basis. I left my kids home alone to go score in May 2008 in the big city of Washington D.C. and I never returned. I was arrested for child neglect and was sentenced to 8 years suspended with 4 years of probation. I was asked back into my home by my Air Force husband and spent my every waking moment soul searching for a Higher Power in dark anonymous rooms. My next relapse afforded me a divorce and full custody of my children was granted to my now ex-husband. After more attempts at “geographical cures” all over the United States, 3 nearly successful suicide attempts, and losing contact with my children all together, I found myself dying on the streets of Hattiesburg, MS. I found my way to Jacob's Well and I believed the Lord traced me here. I had since gotten remarried to a reformed addict and I began my journey with the Lord on May 27, 2013. I graduated in November that same year and was blessed by God from the moment I walked out the door with a management job at a nationwide retail chain, a home, a car, and a new found gift of writing. My husband fell off the wagon first, then I spent 3 days at the hands of abusers who held guns to my head while I did unmentionables for one tiny hit. I swallowed my pride walked back across the anointed threshold on June 21, 2014. I was brought back for such a time as this. God did some miraculous things in my stay here. Jesus is my husband, my provider, my friend, my companion, my counselor, my rock, and my fortress and I will walk this out, though none go with me. I graduated in December 2014 and am now in extended residency with the hope of becoming a trusted servant and staff member of this beautiful place of redemption. I haven't spoken to or seen my own children in over 2 years, but the Lord promises to restore all the years the locusts have eaten, and I believe.

Jessica P.

I was addicted to treatment centers it seems. I attended 5 in my 6 years of active addiction. I was arrested for grand larceny in Marion County and sat in jail for 6 months before I was sentenced to drug court. I couldn't stay clean so I was ordered by the court to attend Jacob's Well in August, 2012 against my will. I had lost custody of my son to my ex-husband and realized that if I were going to have a chance at having him in my life, I needed to do something different. I was raised in a Missionary Baptist faith, but had strayed completely away from the God of my understanding. One month into the program, I had a dream that I had been kicked out for rebellion and I pitched a tent next to the front door asking them to let me back in every time the door would open. That dream opened my eyes to the absoluteness of God and His purpose for my life. Upon graduation in February, 2013, my spiritual eyes were opened to the insanity of the world in which I lived and my reactions to people began to change so they began removing themselves from my life. I learned at Jacob's Well that if people want to leave, let them leave. I have gotten my son back and am currently in a solid, loving relationship with his dad. I will graduate from drug court and have my record completely expunged in May, 2015. I love my new life and would not trade it for anything on the planet!

Lynley C.

I stayed in active addiction in Smith County for more than 5 years. It was long enough for me to lose custody of my children to a bad divorce. I was sponsored into Jacob's Well by Overflow Church in Magee, MS and I was willing to walk across the threshold on November 4, 2013. I graduated on May 4, 2014 and have had full family restoration. I have my children living with me under the same roof and I am completely self-sufficient only by God's grace and mercy. I have a home, a car, and my bills are paid on time for the first time in as long as I can remember. The Lord spoke to me at Jacob's Well and called me into civil service and I went to the Police Academy and graduated with honors. I am now on the front lines, ministering to the same type of people that I used to be. I now have a better understanding of both sides of the law and it makes me a more effective minister to those who otherwise wouldn't have a chance due to lack of compassion. I am involved with the same church that sent me through Jacob's Well and I am so excited to see what else God has in store for me.

Sam W.

I lost my son only days after he was born. My husband and I were in active addiction together all throughout the pregnancy of our 3rd child in Harrison County. I was days away from being locked up and moments away from ending it all. My best friend knew of Jacob's Well and begged me to go. DHS had my children, my husband was off to his own recovery center for men, and my life would forever be changed. My husband walked away from recovery, from Jesus, and from our dreams and is now serving time in prison. I was raised in religion and had a general foundation; however, Jacob's Well offered a genuine relationship with Christ that I had never before experienced. I knew about 4 months into the program that I didn't know it all and I needed to stop pretending and rip off the mask that I had been hiding behind. It was a moment of complete surrender. I went to Grace House Ministries on March 30, 2014 upon my graduation from Jacob's Well and there I was taught a new way to live. I began working several jobs to save the money necessary to purchase my very own car and find a place of my own in Lucedale. Faithfulness and trust kept me and God was able! I see my children everyday and I go back to court in January, 2015 to be considered for a trial placement of my children in my home before I am issued back my full parental rights. The relationship my children and I are forming means more to me than any other mission field I could currently be on. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul and it by His stripes that I am healed!

Josette T.

I was living a life that was quickly taking me to the grave. I stole for drugs, sold my body for drugs, and I lied my way through every interaction I had with anyone. I had found myself pregnant and alone by the age of 15 and had 5 children by the time I was 21. My only acceptance came from whatever man I was currently sharing a bed with. My children were raised by family and friends and I would pop in from time to time between highs in order to pretend to be their mom. I started selling drugs and became the number one drug dealer in Pearl River County. Before long I was getting high on my own supply. I was arrested more than once on drug related charges, but I always went back to the streets that consumed me. I believed it was my only lot in life so I dug in hard and heavy. I arrived at Jacob's Well broken, used up, and helpless. I rededicated my life to Christ and allowed Him to have His way. I began to feel worthy of the love that I was offered by the godly people Jesus had put before me. I had given my third child away when he was 5 weeks old with no remorse. I had lost complete contact with him at my own discretion. I began to intercede on other women's behalf in praying for their own children and within weeks all 5 of my children came to visit me, including the son who I didn't even know. I have been working for Jacob's Well ever since graduation as a minister to our Lord and as a counselor to hundreds of women over the past 7 years. I got married at Jacob's Well and have my own home in the same neighborhood I once used in. I am a light upon a hill for so many people who think that they will never get out of where they are and through God all things are possible.

Melanie B.

I called the law on myself and basically checked myself into jail out of desperation. I had just paid off my home and my car and I was close to losing everything I had worked so hard for. I had a 4 month old son and 7 year old son that were taken immediately into DHS custody. The pastor of my church came and got me out of jail on my own recognizance if I would go to Jacob's Well for 6 months and complete the program in order to have my charges dropped. My mom took classes and became certified as a foster parent and took my kids back from DHS. I did not talk to the staff, nor did I have a desire to do so until...I prayed to the Lord for a sign if He was real. I asked specifically for Him to show me purple flowers during the day ahead and I would believe. I felt like Gideon when He asked God to make the sheep fleece wet as a sign from the heavens. I was NOT expecting a thing, but what I got on the way to work, at work, and when I got home from work were purple flowers. There were flowers in fields, in arrangements, in paintings, in everything I saw. I was at Jacob's Well to get my kids back and my charges dropped, but Jesus found me in the process and I let Him. Upon my graduation in August, 2012, I went home to my mother's house before moving back into my own home. It took a full 6 months before I was granted full custody of my children. I was called by God to open a transition home for the graduates of Jacob's Well by partnering with my church. I was called into social work and began school with a full grant which also provided the expenses for my son's daycare on August 19, 2013...exactly one year after graduating Jacob's Well. I hold a 4.0 GPA, the dream of the transition home is only a few short years away, and I work at church as a coordinator for potential residents of Jacob's Well. I have a lasting relationship with DHS and the Department of Corrections that never would have been possible. I snatch others now from the fire that once burned me.

Misti H.

I was raised by an addict mom. I began using drugs with my mother by the time I was 14. It was the only “normal” I knew. I had been arrested for possession of meth in Lauderdale County and was released on probation. I violated my probation when I failed a drug test and spent 3 weeks in jail. The girl who babysat my young daughter was a graduate of Jacob's Well and she became my advocate before my probation officer. I was court ordered to Jacob's Well in lieu of jail time. Unfortunately, I had no choice other than to leave my daughter at the hands of the addicts in my family and that was by far the toughest decision I have ever made and the thing that haunted me every night in my sleep. Upon my arrival at Jacob's Well in February, 2014, I immediately and purposefully gave my life to Christ and began a journey that would forever shape my life. I soaked my daughter in prayer and left her at the feet of Jesus while I healed from the pain of my past. I graduated the program and transitioned to Grace House Ministries. I knew that if I went home I would be dead within a matter of months. I needed help learning how to be a sober parent. It took me nearly 6 excruciating weeks to find employment, but I did. I afforded to get my car fixed and have moved into a place of my own and I now have my daughter safely home. She is being raised around godly men and women and attends a Christian home school. I am so blessed and honored and excited to see what else God has in store. I broke the generational curse that was on my family and my daughter will never have to experience addiction in her life ever again and that is only by the grace of God.



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